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Video games, like movies, are the creation of artists from concept to character design to soundtrack. The Japanese developer Daiwa House has begun construction on a Game Art Museum, which is expected to open in the summer of 2027, as a way to honour the art of video games. This cutting-edge facility, which is situated in Yokohama, will be the first of its kind globally.

The Game Art Museum, designed by Kume Sekkei Co., is slated to be a part of a multi-use development project that also includes a 29-story office building and an art garden spanning 32,291 square feet. The largest district in the area, Minato Mirai 21 Central District, is where the development is situated on the 52nd block. 

The developer also plans to install an underground district heating plant to lower carbon emissions in an environmentally conscious move. The company behind popular video game franchises like "Dynasty Warriors" and "Ninja Gaiden," Koyo, a subsidiary of Koei Tecmo Holdings, is in charge of creating the Game Art Museum. The company intends to highlight the various components of the video game world-building—whether they are interactive experiences, music, sound, overall visuals, or character features—using state-of-the-art computer graphics (CG) technology.

The spiral design on the museum's façade, which is "life-inspired," is another way that the creative team behind video games is honoured. For those who enjoy video games, there is more to see outside the building. During the day, guests are free to explore the colourful seasonal plants that call the art garden home. This green space will have projection mapping displays at night to create an immersive, gaming-like atmosphere. 

The museum's creators anticipate that when it opens, it will draw tourists and gamers from all over the world in addition to increasing the selection of local museums available to Yokohama residents. 

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