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Between November and March, the warm temperatures in Florida's rivers attract a large number of manatees. Because of this, the Get Up and Go Kayaking crew has been able to frequently spot them while out on their excursions through Silver Springs State Park. They have seen a lot of fascinating creatures, but nothing quite compares to the tender scene they recently saw. Josh, their tour guide, saw a mother manatee and her baby cuddling and kissing, and he captured the tender moment on camera.

The video was captured from one of the transparent kayaks used by the tour company, which gives guests a closer look at the aquatic life below. The adorable video, which was taken underwater, displays the baby manatee pecking its mother's cheek. The mother then hugs her calf and cheerfully kisses back.

The two still won over their guests' hearts even days later. Mother and child were spotted swimming together, with the mother obediently gripping her child with her flipper for a short while. A calf always swims parallel to its mother, right behind her flipper, while adult manatees usually swim in single file, according to Save the Manatees. They clarify, "It's possible that the animals can communicate best in this posture, or the formation is beneficial if the calf feels less draft from the water."

The mother manatee and her calf have a strong bond. The mothers nurse their calf for one to two years, depending on her during that time, since males do not take on the responsibility of raising the calf. They are also incredibly inquisitive animals; one particular infant has even been observed nuzzling a kayak.

While animal lovers are intrigued by these clips, the tour guides advise being cautious around the mother and her infant. They advise keeping a safe distance if you see this pair near the Silver River because it's critical that the mother manatee have space to feed and graze her young while she works hard to maintain her health and for the young to be able to breathe when necessary. 

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