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Tucked away in the only desert area of Turkey, an eye-catching architectural design balances the 3.2 million solar panels that cover the space. The focal point of Kalyon Energy's 1,350 MWp solar power plant—which has the potential to be the biggest solar power plant in Europe—is the Central Control Building. The building's façade, which was designed by Bilgin Architects, is lined with 7,200 stainless steel panels to help it blend in with the surrounding desert landscape.

The steel panels help control interior temperatures and block out the intense heat thanks to their four levels of transparency. Beyond this, though, the design decision produces a breathtaking aesthetic. According to the firm, "the façade becomes not only a part of the building but also a part of the sky." 

“As the night falls, the façade turns inside out, contrasting with the experience in daylight and revealing the interiors and courtyard at night.”

Located deliberately at a safe distance from the surrounding solar panels, the building is a veritable oasis in the desert. The spacious, light-filled foyer guides guests through a network of connected areas, obfuscating the distinction between indoor and outdoor areas. Among these areas are a multipurpose hall and a cafeteria that are equipped to hold workshops, panels, and other events.

The building's central feature is a verdant courtyard full of plants that elicit a sense of immersion for guests from the desert. From the courtyard, gently sloping steps lead to the roof, where a panoramic view of the surrounding solar panels is available.

The control centre assumes a different appearance at dusk. The lit interior and courtyard are revealed as the façade seems to melt away.

Bilgin Architects has designed a Central Control Building that is not only practical but also elegant and modern. In addition, the beacon in the desert represents renewable energy sources and our potential to preserve the environment. 

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