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Sweet Butter recently showed that he will do anything for family, even chase away a dog five times his size to stand up for his brother. Butter always had an outgoing personality but also very easy going. However there is one thing is does not stand for and that is bullies. 

One morning Butter was lounging in front of the house watching how  his owner Pedro Teles' dad took his dog brother, Mochi, out to do his business. Butter started off the day thinking that it would be as any other peaceful morning, but it soon changed. 

When another man and his dog walked by, the peacefulness changed as a little scene suddenly erupted. Teles explained, “The man's dog took notice of Mochi and started barking. My cat probably saw this and thought something was going down."

Mochi appeared to be scared when the stranger dog started barking at him, maybe because he wanted to play. However little Butter wasn’t taking any chances and decided to protect his brother.  

Had Butter misread the situation? Perhaps. But thankfully the bullying dog wasn't injured and was taught to be a bit kinder. Not even his owner deemed the swat unjustified. "My dad apologised. The man wasn’t upset, but instead surprised and in awe of what Butter did."

Butter definitely showed his loyalty to his family and his bravery, all for Mochi's benefit."My dad says that Mochi was wagging his tail as soon as they got back inside. I think Mochi appreciates what Butter did there. Butter was promptly given treats after his courageous act."

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