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Date: 2018-08-31

It comes just days after British Prime Minister, Theresa May, lit up social media with her awkward dance moves with school kids in Cape Town before she is seen once again busting out something that some people are describing as Peter Crouch the footballers 'robot dance'.

Proving that her critics won't stop her from having a boogie, Theresa May hit the dancefloor during her trip to Kenya in Africa in the efforts of launching a new 'plastic challenge' initiative for guides and scouts in Nairobi in order to promote more recycling efforts. While speaking with the scouts Theresa May was led out to a musical dance performance where at first she tried to mimic the moves of a dancing scout but eventually broke out into her own 'moves'.

Did you know Kenya has one of the worlds toughest policies in single-use plastics? It is, in fact, illegal to produce, sell or even use plastic bags in the east African country.

Try not to laugh while watching Theresa May recent dance moves.

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