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If ground space is limited and the only way is up, then surely there’s space for one more skyscraper in New York’s skyline, right?

Well, that’s exactly what the developers behind the world’s thinnest skyscraper thought when they started to build the 435-metre-high building on a sight that’s only 18 metres wide.

The building is located to the south of Central Park in Manhattan. It’s located on 111 West 57th Street and consists of 75 residential floors.

It offers 58 exclusive apartments, and everything from pools to barber shops.

And what do these apartments go for? Well, as they saying goes, if you have to ask you can’t afford it… but, we’re going to tell you anyway because we can imagine you’re just as curious as we are.

Entry level apartments start from $14 million, and the two-story penthouse apartment became the most expensive residential New York sale in 2019 when it sold for $58 million.

In order to maximise the views – and obviously the investments – the developers spent 15 years acquiring air-rights from neighbouring properties. They then stacked it all together to ensure that their building will always stay the tallest, and no one in the street would build higher than it.

To build the world’s thinnest skyscraper, the tallest crane that’s ever been used in New York had to be used. It was 75 metres tall and created to withstand all kinds of weather challenges.

Because the width is so narrow, there are only two lifts servicing the entire building. So, to make it more accessible, the developers decided to allow the lifts to access the apartments directly.

Construction started in 2014 and, in 2018, the steel structure housing the building’s window cleaning system was built. Union and other troubles lead to the construction being halted at times, and the COVID-19 surely didn’t help either.

Because of this, developers are hoping to finish the world’s thinnest skyscraper in 2021.

Watch the B1M video below to see the world’s thinnest skyscraper on Billionaire’s Row in Manhattan.

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