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One would think that during a sporting event, all eyes are glued on the athletes, while sports photographers and videographers are covertly working in the background. It's their job to document the event without distracting from the competition. However, photographers must sometimes keep up with the pace of the athletes to get terrific video footage. 

In a race held at a university in China, eyes couldn't help but be focused on the cameraman instead. The cameraman was a college student from Datong University in Shanxi province of China. He soon stole the show as it was clear he could outrun the sprinters in a 100-meter race to get his video. 

The college student videographer was in charge of capturing the 100-meter race event. He was placed in an outside lane a short distance ahead of the runners. Upon the gunfire, the videographer began sprinting alongside the athletes towards the finish line. The cameraman stayed ahead of the sprinters in an attempt to capture them with a steady, outstretched arm holding the gimbal-mounted camera pointed at the runners. Just to mention, the cameraman was also carrying a camera rig which weighs about 4kg. 

The video of the speedy cameraman outrunning the sprinters while pointing his camera at the runners soon went viral.

This impressive moment from a dedicated cameraman will not be forgotten. What makes it even more dramatic is that the student was not appropriately dressed for a sprint. He carried a camera rig weighing about 4kg while dressed in a jacket and long pants and still managed to keep his pace and maintain the gap between him and the runners. 

It is clear to say that he might have won the race by a long shot if he was one of the competitors. 

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