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Have you ever wondered if an Xbox can survive a drop from 45m and still work? No? Well, let's find out anyway.

The crazy Ozzie YouTubers who call themselves, How Ridiculous, have delivered another hilarious video of dropping things from a great height.

In today's video, five Microsoft Xbox's are dropped from a 45m tower and then plugged in to see if they still work. It may sound stupid, as one would assume the hardware would simply smash into pieces. However, they have plans for these gaming consoles.

The first one is taped to their famous mascot, Rexy, the tyrannosaurus rex, and dropped straight onto the ground. As luck would have it, Rexy absorbs the brunt of the impact. He's unharmed, but what of the Xbox?

In the second test, a trio of trampolines is placed at the bottom, and another console is let loose. The slow-motion camera catches the Xbox as it bounces off the one trampoline and comes to rest on the other!

Next up, three exercise parachutes are strapped to the Microsoft machine and dropped. Unsurprisingly, the wind catches the parachutes, and the entire lot drifts off towards some trees and bushes. It has a relatively soft landing, but is the impact enough to destroy the internals?

Drop number four is an Xbox wrapped in an entire roll of bubble wrap, and boy does it bounce! In fact, the bubble wrap looks like it'll save anything from death!

Lastly, it's up to 40 pillows strapped around the fifth Xbox to see if they can save it from a horrible end. It's a hard landing, but is the console cushioned enough?

Watch the action unfold, including the reveal to see if any of the Xbox's survived their 45m drop, by pressing play on the video below. It's rather entertaining, to say the least!

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