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These days you don't need a professional photographer to get top class photos of yourself. Since the invention of camera phones, smartphones and the selfie – you can do it all yourself!

But just because you have the technology, doesn't mean you have the craft! Everyone knows that for each selfie you send out to the world there are a thousand almost identical pictures in your gallery that just couldn't make the cut. 

And, let's face it, we're all pretty sick of having to tell someone to "please just take one more" because we aren't happy with the way we look in a photo.

Well, for those of you out there who know the struggle, this video will teach you how to master the art of posing in a way that will make you rock every photo you're in!

This advice includes how to get comfortable with movement, the correct posture, how to flatter your own body type, the art of getting candid and much more!

So if you want to look like a model in your next casual dinner pic – watch the video and learn how to slay in photos!

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