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YouTube has quickly become everyone's favourite passtime and, once you're on it, you can't seem to get off! One moment you're looking up a music video and the next – you're on a playlist of videos about discovered mermaids and consiparcy theories... 

However, regardless of the common addiction in YouTube watchers, you get very different types of viewers...

1. The Stans: the INTENSE fan that lives and breathes YouTube and wants to connect with the creator on an extremely, weird and personal level!

2. Internet Warriors: the people who go to videos JUST for the comment section and want to destroy everyone on there!

3. Dinosaurs: the parents and grandparents that are just now discovering the internet!

4. Playlist Pervs: the people who take anything they see and turn it into something that turns them on and makes them feel sexy... You know, the one who comments "nice boobies" on any video they see. 

5. The Butt Hurt: the pain in the ASS viewers who just find ways to be offended by anything – and aren't afraid to let everyone know!

As a creator, you see 50 shades of CRAY-CRAY out there!

Watch the video to see the hilarious depiction of all these viewer characters!

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