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Imagine enjoying the sunset on Clifton Beach in sunny South Africa with your girlfriend when you spot a caracal taking a walk along the beach, possibly also admiring the sunset.

That's exactly what happened to Canadian, Steve Leslie, on Clifton’s 1st beach on Thursday.

Steve's South African girlfriend spotted the caracal first. That's when Steve got up to take photos.

"I followed it right up to the rocks. And then we stood there and just looked at each other. The caracal was completely unfazed by my presence. After a while, it disappeared into the rocks", Cape Town etc reports.

"Never in 40 years of traveling the world and visiting 90 countries, have I ever seen a cat walk along the beach."

IOL reports that caracals, also known as a rooikat or a lynx, are under threat with vehicles, rat poison and urbanisation being some of the factors that contribute to the dwindling caracal numbers.

They are often spotted on beaches along the Western Cape, but rarely where there are so many people, buildings and cars around.

A local resident in the area caught the caracal on video as he was taking his afternoon stroll.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Image credits: Cape Town etc and Live Report.

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