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One of the most endearing qualities about Cardi B is that she never takes herself too seriously, she loves to have a laugh even if it's at her own expense. A Cardi B meme recently went viral as the star posted a photo of herself on Instagram showing her fans what she looked like at a young age – afro and all – which, of course, the internet turned into a meme.

Cardi B is not one to shy away from interacting with her fans so she decided to take part in the fun and make her own meme from another childhood snap of her and her sister, Hennessy. The sisters look like they're off to an outing with the older Cardi, sporting a yellow overall, set with her baby sister rocking black overalls. In the photo, Cardi and Hennessy both have their hands on their hips posing for the camera with the caption, “What was the reason??!! Hennessy: Yea! What was the reason??!!”

Of course, the internet couldn't resist and made some memes of their own. Check out the some of the old and new Cardi B memes.

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