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We all know the clean and exciting feeling of getting a new phone case when the old one has reached its day. Usually, the old one gets tossed in the bin or somewhere in a cupboard waiting to see the next spring cleaning session. If you look at it, it is almost a waste. 

However, iGreen Gadgets has created the perfect solution to still provide protection to your phone and even provides a service after its use. They designed a biodegradable iPhone case that can be planted in the ground when you're done with this wasteful cycle. The product design is simple. Although it looks like any other minimalist outer shell, it is made of compostable material that is secretly seeded inside.

The main material of the case is corn starch, which not only works as a phone armour but also as a seed eater. So, when it's time to throw away your phone, just remove it from your phone and put it in the ground or soil.

Over time, the pod breaks underground and releases the seeds. The iGreen Gadgets company even gives you the ability to choose which plants to grow. Currently available seeds include daisy, forget-me-not and basil. All cases are made in Italy and are sized to fit Apple's iPhone 13 Pro, 14 Pro and 15 Pro devices.

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