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Adorable cat named Buffy is very loving and sweet and loves spending time with her mom, however like most other cats, Buffy will only accept attention if it’s on her terms.

Kate, Buffy’s mom, said “If you try to pet her, she’ll duck away and go sit somewhere on her own. But once she decides she wants attention, she’s loud about it and becomes the most affectionate cat ever.”

And off course like most pets, Buffy’s favourite time to seek attention from her mom is while she is busy working. 

As most of us did, Kate began working from home when the pandemic started. Starting to work from home, Buffy knew that she had to find a way to get more involved in her mom’s work routine and maybe try and help her out. Buffy is not one to just sit around and watch her mom while she is working on her laptop all day, she is looking for something more active. And it was not long until she found the perfect job for herself.

“She usually sits with me at my desk chair for about 10 minutes per day before she decides she’s had enough and leaves. But sometimes, she will jump up on my desk and either walk across or sit on my laptop keyboard. I often have Microsoft Teams open for work, so she will end up typing a long string of gibberish and then accidentally step on the ‘enter’ key, which sends the nonsensical message off to my coworkers.”

And yes, Buffy is very proud of her work experience and involvement in her mom’s job which also made Kate’s coworkers pretty big fans of Buffy. 

Kate said that her coworkers are not bothered by her cat’s messages and added that, “My coworkers find it amusing and always respond by laughing or sending her a message back.”

Kate could probably try and find a way to keep Buffy from jumping onto her laptop and accidentally sending messages, but who would want that. The messages are bringing smiles to everyone and can actually be a great way to boost the office morale.

“It’s funny and it brings a smile to my coworkers' faces. As long as she is not messing with actual work, it’s harmless fun and could be a turning point in someone’s day. I know if one of my coworkers' cats sent me a message, I’d find it adorable.”

Well I think it’s true to say that Buffy deserves to win employee of the month for her hard work and input. 

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