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Little Aloe had no interest in playing with regular cat toys since she was a tiny kitten. She found interest in playing with some more unusual, hair ties. They’re her favourite thing in the whole world. 

A perfect day for Aloe, and what makes her more happy is when she has her hair tie to play with. As woman know, hair ties can easily be misplaced or hide in places we never think to look. We do eventually find them whether its during yearly spring cleaning under the bed and maybe the fridge. 

Aloe’s mom, Anne recently discovered her “missing hair ties”. Anne noticed Aloe lying on the floor with her paw outstretched as though she was trying to get something out that has gone too far in. 

And knowing her cats deep love for her hair tie she though that Aloe got her hair tie stuck under the washing machine while playing with it. Anne stepped in and tried to help Aloe get her beloved toy back, but what Anne didn’t know is that she was in for a huge surprise. 

“I assumed she had gotten a singular hair tie stuck under it, so I grabbed a clothes hanger and stuck it under the washer. Lo and behold, almost 30 hair ties came out!”

When Aloe made it clear that she was in need of help, she didn’t realise that she was accidentally about to reveal her secret stash of hair ties. And clearly it wasn’t apart of her plan. 

However after getting out all of the hair ties, Anne couldn’t help but notice that Aloe was overjoyed having them all laid out in front of her.  

“When Aloe saw them, I think she was in heaven. She sat there and stared for a second and then started pawing at all of them (which caused some of them to fly back underneath the washer). It was a really hilarious sight to see.”

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