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Cats are known to surprise their owners from time to time with the crazy things they can do. And this crazy-eyed but beautiful orange cat named Rijeka surprised her owners recently. She clung tightly to the vacuum cleaner with her front paws while licking at the suctioned air moving through the vacuum.

However, everything didn't run so smoothly. While Rijeka was determined to lick the suctioned air, her face got stuck in the hose for a moment. Thinking that, at this point, she might panic and throw away the vacuum hose, she rather calmly removed it and happily continued licking. 

Rijeka's owner, Andrey Lebedev, filmed the video of his cat playing with a vacuum cleaner and shared it on social media, where it soon went viral. 

Some users commented on the video, amazed by the cat's actions. One viewer wrote: "this must have been a Russian cat because, in America, vacuum scares cat, in Soviet Russia, cat scares vacuum". Another added, "When my cat used to see the hoover, it would run like it was the end of the world!

"This made me laugh so hard.... Lol. Specially when he gets his face sucked in but doesn't even care. Lol."

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