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Here is the background story of Cercle Music.

Cercle Music, or commonly referred to as just Cercle, was founded by Derek Barbolla, who loves electronic music and always involved himself in the DJ scene.

Cercle started off by Derek Barbolla hosting live DJ sets in his apartment. But, soon, as expected, he received numerous complaints by his neighbours due to the inconsiderate loud electronic music, which forced him to find other locations to host DJ sets from.

Derek Barbolla went in search of other places in and around Paris. He even hosted several sets in caves, then eventually in clubs and even on boat decks.

Thereafter, Derek Barbolla wanted to take things up a notch and pushed his luck to try and get a spectacular and internationally recognised location to film and broadcast a DJ set from. He sent a proposal in hopes to shoot right at the top of the Eiffel Tower and, to his surprise, they accepted!

This sparked an idea of what other locations Cercle Music could host their DJ sets from. In just a few short years, Cercle has hosted many sets from some of the worlds most breathtaking locations with top DJs such as Adriatique, Zhu, Christian Loffler, Solomun and many more!

Take a look at the incredible DJ Set below by YouTube channel, Cercle Music, on ZHU at Hakuba Iwatake in Nagano, Japan, for Cercle Music.

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