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Whether it's illusions or sleight of hand, incredible escapes or hypnotism, here are 50 greatest magic tricks on television.

Magic has been performed for thousands of years. The word 'magic' has its roots buried in ancient Greece, and referred to Persian priests who would perform "any foreign, unorthodox, or illegitimate ritual practice."

In 1584, a man named Reginald Scot wrote the earliest know book on magic. It was called The Discoverie of Witchcraft, and it was published in the hope that people would stop being killed for performing witchcraft.

Fast forward 600-odd years and the world of magic is a different place. It is a place of wonder and surprise, with countless tricks, illusions and escapes that keep audiences enthralled.

The video below showcases 50 of the greatest TV magicians as they perform card tricks, saw themselves in half and catch bullets with their teeth. Others do daring and life-threatening escapes or mind-bending hypnosis. So, get your tophat and rabbit ready, it's time for Channel 5's (admittedly oldish) TV's 50 Greatest Magic Tricks!

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