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Here is a list that will blow your mind. The amazing team at Mental Floss have compiled a list of things that turned 21 this year and it will, without a doubt, make you feel old. from Elmo to Judge Judy, our old favorites seem like they came out just yesterday.

Possibly the most mindblowing is that Google actually took over the internet 21 years ago. It used to be a search engine called "Backrub" that was renamed "Google" in 1997 and has literally become a verb and a noun!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch began 21 years ago and her magic dilemmas became a worldwide sensation along with her black cat, Salem, and on a completely different genre, the drama and hysteria televised as Judge Judy was born 21 years ago and it's not even staged. Judge Judy had a huge team of researchers that actualy hand-picked specific cases to air on the show.
If you want to have your mind blown, hear a little more about Ryan Reynolds, and feel old all in the space of 7 minutes, this video is for you!

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