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In the world of social media, absolutely nothing goes unnoticed. Just ask Chris Evans… and his 6 million followers on Instagram.

It appears as if the Captain America actor wanted to post a video of his family playing the game, Heads Up, when a photo of someone's genitals snuck into the last bit of the video.

Followers were quick to comment on it and assume that it was a photo of Evans himself.

While he took it down as soon as he noticed it, the comments didn't stop. In fact, it was only the beginning…

Even other celebs saw the humour in it – like fellow actor, Mark Ruffalo.

And then his younger brother, Scott Evans, got on the bandwagon as well.

Evans declined to comment on the matter, but has since been crowned the comeback kid with a new message that he posted today:

Naturally other celebs were quick to support Evans. Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Evans' mom in the movie, Knives Out, showed her support with a retweet.

While it might seem as a total mishap on the actor's part, his comeback and the way he seemed to have handled the whole situation had us laughing out loud.

Way to go, Captain America!

Watch the ET video below to see footage of the Evans family playing Heads Up. Don't worry, it's edited so it's safe to watch in public.

Image credits: Heavy, Twitter and Just Jared

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