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To sign-off in 2020, Chris Ramsay had a crack at solving the Legends of Runeterra puzzle box, custom made by Riot Games.

Seldom do we see such a highly technical and intricate puzzle box based on a video game. In this instance, it is the free-to-play digital card game called Legends of Runeterra, developed and published by Riot Games.

It originated from the League of Legends franchise and, according to nme.com; "Legends Of Runeterra may well be the most accessible digital card game out there. It combines beautiful visuals, colourful characters and some extraordinarily satisfying mechanics to make each interaction fun to watch. It is also the most generous card game, one you can easily play without investing a penny. It is quite simply a whole new take on the CCG genre, and it is expertly done and endlessly entertaining, too".

That is quite the compliment. There is no surprise then that the puzzle box based on the game Riot sent to our favourite puzzle-solver, Chris Ramsay, is incredible too.

As always with Chris, these high-end one-of-a-kind puzzle boxes are in the higher scales of difficult. They contain many hidden chambers, symbols to figure out, and sequence-solving all melded into one large puzzle.

It's cathartic to watch, and ever so satisfying each time he makes it to the next step. If you love puzzles, especially these three-dimensional interactive boxes, then this is the video just for you!

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