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Alyson Aguerrebere was enjoying her run in Long Beach, California, when she noticed an adorable small white dog ahead sitting on the sidewalk. Then she noticed that the dog wasn’t on a leash, and began to worry.

“She just looked lost. She was staring at me from, like, 40 feet away as I approached her, and it wasn't until I reached her that I saw the sign.”

The dog calmly approached Aguerrebere who learned of the pups trick. She noticed a large lawn sign warning passersby of the dog’s scheme. A piece of board with the dog’s photo and Instagram handle read: “I’m Harper. I live here. I pretend to be lost so you’ll stop and pet me.”

“The sign was hilarious, and I realised she does this to everyone. So I sat down and was just petting her and rubbing her belly for probably 25 minutes.”

Since the 3-year-old pup was adopted by a loving family, she can’t seem to get enough attention, not matter who its from. The little dog is allowed to spend time in the front yard to get some pets from neighbours. 

“Her owner came out 25 minutes into it and was like, ‘Oh, did she trick you into giving her love?’. She said she does it constantly, like several times a day, and that she never wants to go inside because she gets so much attention.”

When Harper approached Aguerrebere, she immediately rolled over to get belly rubs and even crawled into her lap at one point. However Aguerrebere doesn’t matter and enjoyed their unexpected playtime just as much as Harper did.

“I love her so much. She completely made my day.”

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