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Just when we thought 2021 was going to come in and sweep us off our feet, it started pretty badly. But, at least 2021 didn’t come in with any false pretences of what a great year it’s going to be, just to let us all down in March, like 2020 did.

If 2020 was a boyfriend, it would have been the worst boyfriend we’ve ever had. We weren’t allowed to go anywhere, he cancelled all our plans, and he made us gain weight (Okay, maybe that was our own fault, but still!). He also gave us some hope of going out and living a normal life again, and then took it away from us without even feeling bad.

Showing our face in public? Oh no. Thanks to 2020, we weren’t allowed to go out in public without wearing a mask and sanitizing absolutely everything whenever we go anywhere.

Well, at least this bad boyfriend added new words to our lives. Who knew words like lockdown and social distancing would become part of our everyday vocabulary? To be honest, before we dated this bad boyfriend, we didn’t even know these words or what they meant.

If you want to have a good laugh at the similarities between 2020 and that horrible ex (who’s name isn’t even worth mentioning), then watch the hilarious video below made by Kristina Kuzmic, where she describes her dating life in a pandemic with her ex-boyfriend, 2020.

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