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Ducklings are known to follow their mother where ever she may go. And, as we have seen, a mother duck can be very protective over her babies. But, sometimes, it can be difficult for a mother duck to save her ducklings out of difficult places, and that is where we human have to lend a hand to help out our animal life.

Back in 2012, when a group of ducklings got stuck in a homeowner's pool in his backyard, homeowner Evan Zucker and his friend Brian stepped in to help the worried mother. She had exhausted all her own options to try and get her babies out.

"I found this mother duck and her 10 ducklings in my backyard swimming pool this morning. The mother, who has visited before with her mate, had no trouble getting out, but the ducklings were not able to climb out of the pool."

At their first attempt, the men tried creating ramps for the ducklings to use. However, the ducklings did not figure out how to use it. Brian then tried using a pool net to scoop out some of the ducklings but seeing that their mother was still in the pool, they jumped back in one by one to get back to their mother duck.

Finally, after brainstorming, the men lead both the mother and ducklings to the shallow end. That's where they had stacked rocks onto the top step. The mother then first exited the pool, and one by one, the little ducklings followed her out of the cold water. The little runt took a bit more time than the others but eventually caught up with the family.

"Finally, we put a ceramic turtle and some lava rocks from my fire pit on the top step of the pool and chased the mother in that direction. The mother jumped out, and the ducklings eventually figured out how to climb the turtle and rocks to safely escape," said Brian.

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