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Finding a job that you love is awesome. You get to live out your passion daily. It’s kind of hard to imagine how these people can’t love their jobs – being a balloon costume artist, what’s not to love?

The sound engineers on movies often have to mimic the sounds happening on screen so that they’re more intense and realistic. Imagine squeezing a head of lettuce so that it sounds like a dinosaur walking, or breaking a piece of crab so that it sounds like a predator eating. It’s all in a day’s work for movie sound engineers.

Have you ever heard of the profession, bamboo noodle makers? Well, if you’re thinking of going on a new career path to lose weight and build muscles, this might be just the thing for you. Making jook-sing noodles involves some intense, physical labour. It’s a dying, ancient technique that some chefs are trying desperately to keep alive.

What does it entail? A bamboo noodle maker sits on a massive piece of bamboo that’s strong enough to hold his weight and he jumps up and down so that the bamboo can knead the dough that the noodles are made from.

Being a sculptor sounds like a pretty cool job already. Now imagine being a sculptor at Madame Tussaud’s. Not only do you get to meet really interesting people, but you also get to recreate them by making lifelike sculptures of them.

Watch the Insider video below to see what these cool jobs and others entail. Us? Well, we’ll just be here trying to make dogs out of felt, no biggy.

Image credit: StudioBinder

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