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Each dog has its own adorable features from a boopable noses to fluffy tails Some win prices for their beauty and some are Instafamous. However, there’s one adorable coonhound pup named Lou who recently broke a new world wide record. The 3-year-old black and tan coonhound not only has the most floppy ears but also the longest ears on a dog. Lou was awarded a Guinness World Record title of Longest Ears on a Dog (Living), for his whooping 34 cm in length. 

Paige Olsen, the adorable Lou’s mother who is also a veterinary technician, always joked that Lou’s ears are “extravagantly long”. But she never really thought any thing about it until her time in lockdown where she took the time to marvel at her dog’s unique characteristic. 

“All black and tan coonhounds have beautiful long ears, some are just longer than others. Their long ears drag on the ground and stir up scents when they are tracking out in the field. It makes them great at following long, very old, or ‘cold’ tracks that other breeds of dog may not pick up on.”

One might think that these long ears would have a lot of maintenance, but not for Lou. Olsen does a monthly check on his ears for cleanliness, and, in winter, Olsen will dress Lou in a snood so that her ears don’t drag in the snow. 

 Although Lou already always grabs attention wherever she goes, now with her new title she’s literally a neighbourhood celebrity. Lou has never been shy to show off her uniqueness and beauty and  she is in fact a frequent dog shoe competitor who have received titles from the American Kennel Club and Rally Obedience.

“People always have questions about the breed. Coonhounds are not very common in this region so I get the opportunity to educate a lot of people on the breed. Of course everyone wants to touch the ears, they’re very easy to fall in love with with just one sighting.” 

Olsen is definitely “proud of the furry little (80 lb.) munchkin for being so special!”

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