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Influencers create a brand new challenge based on the Covid-19 Coronavirus... and the outcome results in legal action and potentially critical health.

First off, we turn our attention to a TikTok star named Ava Louise. She posted a video of herself licking a toilet seat in an aeroplane and sharing it to social media, essentially mocking the COVID-19 pandemic and kicking off a new viral internet challenge called the Coronavirus Challenge.

Unfortunately, a few other influencers wanted in on this incredibly stupid viral challenge too, such a chap named @gayshawnmendez – also know as Larz, who posted a video of himself licking a toilet seat. Shorty after that, he posted again, saying he has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, sad emoji and all. Unfortunately for him, his twitter account was suspended within hours and remains inactive even today. Many of his fans are not sympathetic at all after what he did, which is a great thing, and we're glad they can think for themselves and not condone such behaviour. Many posts have gone viral on social media stating that Larz has been arrested for allegedly faking that he has Covid-19 coronavirus.

After the backlash from the Lars debacle, Ava Louise responded to questions directed to her, with three answers. The first, she said, was that she had dirtier things in her mouth all through spring break, the second was that the toilet seat had been bleached, and the third is that it was on her sugar-daddy's private plane...

Whatever the reasons that these so-called "influencers" may have for deliberately licking toilet seats is bad enough, but having a mass following with kids who look up to them, and then go pull something as disgusting and unhygienic as this during a global pandemic is just so pathetically stupid.

Take a look at the video below by Clevver News as he breaks down the start of the Coronavirus Challenge.

Stay at home, wash your hands, don't be an idiot.

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