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Nature conservationist and YouTuber, Coyote Peterso,n gets bitten by spicy wings whilst being interviewed on the Hot Ones show.

If you're an avid YouTube binge-watcher, there is no doubt you have come across the YouTube channel titled Brave Wilderness, which is a nature and wildlife conservation show. But the host Coyote Peterson has a completely different approach than, let's just say, David Attenborough!

Coyote Peterson is known for his true passion for wild animals and nature conservation, but he is a raging daredevil in his own right. He goes about deliberately trying to get stung and bitten by venomous bugs and other dangerous creatures, like snapping turtles, and giving the painful bite a pain rating. Apart from that, his YouTube channel videos are also highly educational and entertaining.

This time, we see him as a guest on the First We Feast show called Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans, who clearly thinks that Coyote Peterson won't have any trouble smashing through the shows spicy wings and even hotter sauce as Coyote Peterson clearly has an incredibly high pain threshold! But, at the beginning of the show, Coyote Peterson admits that he is not good with hot sauce at all and, throughout the show, he suffers more and more!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Hot Ones, on Coyote Peterson Gets STUNG By Spicy Wings On Hot Ones.

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