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Restaurants have always been crowd pleasers. Okay, well, some more than others. But there’s no denying that a delicious meal at a restaurant is a treat for everyone.

There are some pretty awesome restaurants out there, here’s a few of them.

In Vietnam there’s a fish café where the tables, chairs and your feet are ankle deep in water. The same water where that koi fish swim in.

If you were wondering how the water stays so clean, it’s because customers are required to take off their shoes and sanitize their feet before they walk in. And there’s a massive pump and irrigation system in place.

If you ever get the chance to go to the Maldives, Ithaa is one restaurant you simply can’t miss. Well, it’s six metres under the sea, so you’ve got to look for it, but you get what we mean.

The glass ceiling offers a 270 degree view of the tropical fish you can see in the ocean, and it’s simply breathtaking.

The location is extremely exclusive and there are only 14 seats available per sitting. You can only enter the restaurant via an elaborate spiral staircase that’s located at the end of a jetty. Once you’ve walked down the stairs you walk through a curved tunnel.

The Disaster Café is located in Spain, and it puts their guests up against the forces of mother nature, like earthquakes. There’s just nothing like an earthquake to make your burger taste even better, right?

Watch The Missing Files video below to see what these and other crazy restaurants around the world look like.

Image credit: Delhi Planet

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