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Many people may overlook the potential still hidden in old thrift store paintings, but Dave (of Arrowhead Vintage & Goods) is not one of them. Dave has a unique talent for seeking out the perfect second hand painting of outdated landscapes and transforming them into surreal sci-fi scenes.

Dave brings new life to a painting by adding pop culture characters to old, forgotten artworks, which also seems to blend seamlessly within the painterly scenes In his altered paintings, Dave adds various of characters from a whole host of fantasy films. 

From the Iron Giant treading through a forest to Godzilla at the beach artist  Dave as done it all. However, there is one particular movie franchise which seems to inspire the artist the most—Star Wars. What better way is there to add a little sci-fi kick to an item, then by adding something of Star Wars to is. 

Many of Dave’s altered paintings showcases a strange, dystopian world where the Star Wars Universe has landed on planet Earth. In one painting, R2-D2 faces off against an incoming fleet of Galactic Empire combat vehicles at the beach. In another, a Starfighter battles with TIE fighters in the sky, above a quaint, snow-covered landscape. Each work is perfectly alter, which only makes the painting look even more real, as though the Star Wars elements were always there.

Check out some more incredible paintings that was spiced up by Dave. 

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