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We all have tried spotting the image in the clouds above us. Whether you’re seeing a dinosaur or a man figure, clouds are one of the most beautiful and interesting things. 

There are however some misty cloud creatures designed Barcelona-based Vorja Sánchez that are particularly ominous.

In his ongoing series titled Interventions, Sánchez displays his artistic and imaginative skills by transforming rural landscapes into dream-like story book pictures where landscapes are the home of ghostly cloud characters.

Sánchez starts his creative designs by first taking some photos of  his nearby countryside landscapes. After getting the perfect scene, he then makes uses of a fine-line pen and white ink and hand-draws his unique cloud characters to appear like gigantic ghost creeping in. Each cloud creature emerges from the fog and grasp onto hills and forests. Paying attention to detail, Sánchez even includes nebulous limbs and sprawling, thread-like fingers which makes them all the more real.

He also includes scary huge black eyes that may look a bit like swirling vortexes trying to lure in unsuspecting hikers and farm animals like a predator.

However, Sánchez’s cloud creatures are misunderstood seeing that many might be caught but with their strange, phantom-like appearance. But, clouds are connected to a calming a smooth atmosphere which they are. Many of his cloud creatures appear shy, wary, and even gentle. Their vortex-like eyes which could be interpreted as sinister, also give each character a kind of cute and curious expression. 

Perhaps these creatures are protecters of the landscape and just curious about what us little humans are doing.

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