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A Staten Island-based sculptor and toy designer, Joseph Reginella, recently took his creativity to a whole new level as he combined two way opposite subject, baby and Jaws the movie. The artist recently took inspiration from the 1975 horror film, and decided to created this fantastically terrifying version of a baby bed. 

The creation features a huge shark attacking a small boat. When Reginella found out that his childhood friend, Mark, was adding a baby boy to the family, he immediately knew that he had to make it for him. 

While he was occupied at work, the creative idea suddenly came to Reginella. “At a shop Themendous, we made an airplane bed for some little kid in California, and I thought it would be funny if someone would order a terrifying bed instead of something mainstream.”

Reginella carved the sculpture out of styrofoam and then went on to coat it in plastic, and painted it the appropriate colours to fit the description of the Jaws shark. Reginella has created a lot of buzz online with his unique Jaw-themed baby bed. 

Is this just another creative way to get our little ones to sleep, and would this become a new trend? His week of hard work seems to have paid off, as the baby reportedly love his new cozy crib.

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