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Date: 2018-12-01

After the call to 911 and the cops and coroner have left, everything must be put back in order, even when things will never ever be the same, it's Gruesome work but someone's got to do it.

When a life ends it the worst way in the vicinity of Maryland or Washington DC, it's often a cue for Louise Burkhart to start work. Louise excels at a job not many people want or can handle. Louise explains her job by saying ,"I often go out to scenes of homicides, suicides, decomposed remains or any kind of biological incident to clean up and restore it to the situation that it was prior to the incident occurring.

"The first thing we obviously do is observe the situation because every situation is totally different. Today we are dealing with a suicide, the lady that we are dealing with, her husband committed suicide and he had three children," she continues.

Now Louise has to grapple with the horrors that lie beyond the bedroom door.

View Discretion is advised: You can see more about Louise's story and the day in the life of her job as a crime scene cleaner.

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