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This year’s New York City Marathon has seen an exciting twist when an adorable duck known as, Wrinkle the Duck joined the annual race with her pitter-patter of her cute duck feet and with the 33,000 other (human) participants.  

Wrinkle’s owner posted the adorable video of his emotional support duck’s ambitious running debut on YouTube and TikTok. And yes, how can this not go viral. Wrinkle’s videos soon went viral with almost 10 million views and over 15,000 comments.

Wrinkle was even equipped with her very own custom red duck shoes to make the run a bit smoother on her feet. Along the way the ambitious Wrinkle and her speedy waddle were met with wide grins and excited cheers from the crowd. One supported can even be heard shouting, “You got this, little duck, you!” 

This brave duck has not only brought a bit of joy and support to her fellow runners but has also touched so many there people struggling with their own demons. One commenter shared, “I know this may seem silly, but I’ve been so deeply depressed lately, and seeing this little lady running has actually made me smile.”

To which Wrinkle responded, “As an official emotional support duck, hearing this makes me feel like I’m doing my job well. Wrinkle loves you.”

Some other stars has also reached out and commented on the fun. Professional ice hockey team the Anaheim Ducks, commented, “Legendary Duck,”while Peloton chimed in to recruit Wrinkle to teach a “20-minute Hip Hop Waddle” class. Admiring Wrinkle’s adorable footwear, the well-known shoe brand Adidas joked, “Sending this to our design team to petition for a new duck shoe collection.”  

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