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Urban foxes have been making their way and finding closer homes in towns and cities. But, despite living in human environments, foxes are not always easy to see or witness. However, once they hide the shyness and reveal their adorable curious nature, we can’t help but watch it over and over again and be filled with happiness due to their cuteness. 

There is one little red fox in particular, based in London who definitely showed that he isn’t shy around people. Author Scott K. Andrews recently broke the internet with cuteness as he shared a video of an adorable young vulpine who “hangs out” in his backyard on a frequent basis. This video in particular shares a very exiting and adorable moment. The little red fox couldn’t contain his excitement after he discovered frost for the first time.

The adorable fox is seen joyful pouncing on and rolling around in the white frosty grass. Whether it’s the texture and coldness that feels great, or the new feeling and sight, this adorable fox clearly enjoys every little moment of it. 

Caught up in the new adventure and joyful site, the little fox doesn’t seem to mind his audience, Andrews, who is filming him from inside. Andrews wrote, “The young fox who hangs out in our garden was delighted by encountering its first frost yesterday, and the unexpectedly crunchy grass.”

Watch the adorable moment in the full video below.

Andrew’s tweet led to other Twitter user sharing their adorable fox stories online as well. See some more cute videos down below. 

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