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Many lakes around the world freeze over during winter times due to the subzero temperatures. This is however an exciting hobby for many people who love to ice skate or explore the waters from above. 

Although is not safe for heavier vehicles to cross a frozen lake, or not as easy to drive over with a motorbike, it seems as though  product-hacking engineer known as The Q just found a new way.

The frozen icy season provided him the opportunity to get dangerously creative. Getting creative, The Q decided to replace his bicycle wheels with circular sawmill blades to help him be able to ride on the ice. He calls his invention an “Icуcycle.”

After his first try out on the lake with the sawmill tyres, he found that the sharp blades cut straight through the ice. This made it impossible to get on the surface, however he did not stop just there. The clever engineer took his bike back to his workshop in order to try and find a solution and ended up adding additional metal parts to each of the blades. When he went back on the ice for the second time, it was a complete success. A video posted on YouTube shows the courageous cyclist riding on the lake’s surface with ease.

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