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Cycling is still used around the world as an efficient and cost effective way to travel. However it’s not secret that  we sometimes tend to ignore the safety rules when it comes to wearing a helmet. There are million little reasons from helmet hair to looking uncool, why you might not want to wear a helmet when you cycle. But we tend to forget that anything can happen on the road and that a helmet could save your life. 

In order to spread awareness of how a helmet could save your life, the Danish Road Safety Council recently collaborated with Copenhagen-based creative ad company &Co to deliver this serious message in a somewhat hilarious way. 

Titled Helmet has always been a good idea, the hilarious two-minute ad (Which you can watch down below), revisits Denmark’s Viking origins to tell the story of a stubborn commander named Svend. However the funny character first refuses to wear his combat helmet before he and his men ride off to conquer England. Eventually he was convinced otherwise.

The ad starts off with Svend riling up the other vikings who is about to enter battle, when his young son suddenly rushes out and shouts “Wait!” while carrying a helmet. The young boy then offers the helmet to his father who then snubs the offer even after his second-in-command agreed that it’s probably a good idea. 

Svend then hilariously argues that the reason he doesn’t want to wear a helmet is that it makes his scalp itch and ruins his braids. “So what do I do when I get there? Run around England wearing a silly helmet? It’s annoying, it makes my scalp itch. I’m not the type who wears a helmet.” However he finally gives in and puts on the helmet after his wife, with a baby in her arms, comes to insist that he wears it. “Svend, you can go looting and pillaging all you want, but you have to wear a helmet.” The funny scene ends with Svend leaving the scene on his horse and knocking his head on the way out.

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