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A designer named Brent Walter has brought one of the most creative ways of recycling to the table. The designer transformed an old Volkswagen Beetle into a whole new type of transport. He calls his minibikes the Volkspod, which plays with the iconic curves of the VW Bug thanks to the inventive use of the fenders.

And, yes, they work. It is such a delightful sight to see Walter ride around on these little scooters, which he designed out of old VW Beetle fenders.

Walter fitted the Volkspods with the oversized headlight of the Beetle vehicles, which makes them look a bit like cyclops on wheels. The Volkpods also has iconic wide handlebars and a Schwinn seat to give it a bicycle vibe. And, let's not forget the logo. Walter place the iconic VW logo on the front of each minibike to ensure that you'll never forget their origins. 

The minibikes have a small 79cc engine, which is more than powerful enough for these incredibly cool scooters. With their birch green or pastel blue paint jobs, just like the original colours of the VW Beetle, you're sure to grab attention as you putter through your local city streets.

This is, however, not the first time the VW Bug has been transformed into something new. From RV hybrids to an electric car by Volkswagen, vintage Beetles are often given an overhaul. 

Well, given their iconic status, it shouldn't be a surprise that designers will use such a great model to create something new. Since the VW Bug was first produced in mass quantities at the end of World War II, people haven't been able to get enough of it.

Even though the original Beetle did go out of production in 2003, its bulbous design has not stopped being an inspiration for new inventions, and will likely continue to do so for decades to come.

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