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We all have probably drawn a funny wash me or smile on a dirty car we see standing in the parking lot. But for this artist, wash me is not an option.

Illustrator Nikita Golubev (aka ProBoyNick) is using his creativity to transform dirty cars in Moscow, to also get their time in the spotlight as well. The multifaceted artist approaches parked cars covered in filth and turns them into works of art. 

For some dirt is an irritation and ugly, however, Nikita sees layers of dust and dirt as perfect pigments for bringing the images hidden within to life. He has a creative way of shifting the filth and dust on the cars into an extraordinary portrait of landscapes, animals and even some beautiful ocean waves. 

Even though his canvas may be unconventional, it seems that is definitely welcomed by the public as a form of art. 

His creative eye has allowed him to unearth ephemeral art from the least likely of places. Not to mention that his work is so impressive that the owners of these once-dirty cars may never want to wash them again.

Golubev’s ongoing dirty car art is a beautifying solution to the grit and grime of his city. Despite the fact that he is not the first artist to “paint” with dust and debris, he is definitely a local artist who is inspiring a new generation of street artists in his community to follow suit.

Well as they say, what’s one man’s dirty car is this artist’s canvas.

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