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Disney animated movies has been around for decades entertaining all the young and old. For many years Disney animators have brought new characters to the screen for us to love and yes, we absolutely love each and every one. 

But we can’t help but notice the hard work of the animators when creating a character and drawing each specific detail of the characters and their emotions. 

What is the secret when is comes to animator and drawing the perfect facial expression. Well, the truth is that for decades, professional animators relied on mirrors and their own facial expressions to be able to create and draw the perfect expression of the character that the audience love. 

Animators used themselves as expression models. Each artist leer, grin and studied their one reflections to recreate the right nuances and essence of each expression and the emotion combined with it on paper. 

Down below is a set of photos of legendary animators from the 1940s to the 1960s making hilarious faces at themselves as they sketch beloved characters such as Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, and Fred Flintstone.

These creative artists brought to life many of the creations that defined the golden age of animation. Working in famed studios like Walt Disney Productions, Warner Bros, and Hanna-Barbera Productions, it is crucial to create the perfect character from Tom and Jerry to Lady and the Tramp.

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