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From a teenager confessing to a double murder to a serial killer who called 911 many times, here's a video of the top five most disturbing 911 calls made by killers.

To whet your appetite, here's just one of the most disturbing calls, from a chap called Jake Evans. The shocking confession back in 2012 by then 17-year-old Jake Evans was disturbing to say the least. When he called 911 to report the murder of his mom and little sister, Jake explained in detail how he killed both of them using a gun he had stolen from his grandfather.

He explained that he was influenced by the horror film Halloween, he admired the killer in the film because he did not have any empathy. Leading up to the incident, Evans had gotten angry at his 15-year-old sister, Malery, due to hearing her say something racist. According to Evans this made him despise his family and, as a result, saw them as bullies and racists.

In his full four-page confession, Jake also explained how he was planning on killing his grandparents who lived opposite his house, as well as his older sister, but had second thoughts after the murders. In 2015 Evans was sentenced to 45 years in prison. This is how the 911 call went.

911 - "Parker County 911, where is your emergency?"
Jake - "Uh, my house"
911 - "Okay what's the emergency?"
Jake - "Uh, I just killed my mom and my sister"
911 - "What?"
Jake - "I just killed my mom and my sister"
911 - "You just killed your mom and sister, how did you do that?"
Jake - "Uh, I shot them with a .22 revolver"
911 - "Are you sure they're dead?"
Jake - "Yes"

Watch the video below for more disturbing 911 calls from killers.

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