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Bella has been a resident at the RSPCA’s Ashley Heath Animal Centre since she was just a puppy. The two-year old pup has spent pretty much her entire life in shelters. Although everyone at the shelter tried their best ti make her as happy and comfortable as possible. she still longed for a home to call her own. 

Bella only had a family for a brief moment, but unfortunately the poor pup was given up because she wasn’t good with other dogs. But after some work and a lot of patience, Bella has progressed and now even have dog friends of her own at the shelter.

Hannah Hawkins, behaviour and welfare advisor at Ashley Heath Animal Centre, said in a press release, “Bella is really worried by other dogs and lacks [socialisation] skills that she missed out on in her early, formative months. We believe that incorrect management has worsened this, and she was incredibly frustrated when we first started working with her, but, thankfully, after months and months of intensive work, we’ve started to see her making improvements.”

Bella adores people and loves nothing more than to spend as much time with people as possible. Unfortunately, still being in the shelter limits her time. The staff came up with a way to help her still get the comfort and companionship she needs while she’s spending time in her kennel.

“Although we try to spend as much time with her as possible, we simply can’t be with her all the time, and she has sought solace in her cuddly toys, especially Winnie the Pooh, who she cuddles up with every night.”

Bella now has dozens of toys in her to keep her company, and who are available 24/7 for as much cuddling and love she needs. Bella does however make sure that each and every toy gets the same amount of attention. She always looks so adorable when she is snuggling up in the middle of all her toys.  

But even though little Bella is happy with all her toys and being able to snuggle up with them, the shelter do hope that she receives a loving home which she deserves.

Bella may have some specific requirements for her future home, but everyone at the shelter knows that her perfect forever family is out there somewhere.

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