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An adorable dog named Maple is known for her energetic spirit. Maple is constantly keeping herself entertained with fun activities like swimming, snowboarding and running around. One of Maple’s recent favourite activities is to jump around and dive into the thick snow during winter. 

Seeing that Maple spends most of her time outside, Jessica Dylan Mann, Maple’s mom decided to get her some gear to help keep her safe and happy during her many adventures. “I wanted to buy goggles because she swims completely underwater with her eyes open and is always hanging out the car window doing activities, so on Black Friday they went on sale so I bought some.” 

Since Jessica though Maple’s eyes could use some more protection in some activities, she started putting the goggles on Maple, which turns out to be more fun for little Maple. On one particular day just after a huge snowstorm, Jessica thought it would be a perfect day to dress Maple with her goggles to go and play in the snow.

This was definitely one of the best days for Maple. As soon as Maple realised that she could see under the snow with her new goggles, she completely lost her mind.  

After realising she has eyes under the snow, Maple couldn’t contain her excitement and immediately began tunneling through the snow like a mole. Maple had the happiest look on her face like she was in doggie heaven every time she popped up from under the snow.

“When she first realised she could see under the snow you could just see in her face and body language how excited she was to explore something new and have fun. She has always loved the snow but never have I seen her do the tunnel-like thing with the goggles.” 

The goggles have helped Maple to experience a whole new world ad to enjoy each and every activity even more with eyes wide open. Now she loves putting on her goggles before any sort of outdoor adventure. 

“When I say ‘Ready for goggles!?’ she comes running and sits patiently for me to put them on.”

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