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Adorable dog Starbuck and his owner James Clark, found a surprise while entering the driveway at their friend Ted’s house. Starbuck noticed the huge animal standing in the driveway and was clearly confused as she was  trying to figure out what this animal was and if she needed to protect her human from her. 

Even though Clark lives in Alaska and sees these huge moose all the time he couldn’t help but laugh this time when he took the photo. The moose in the photo didn’t look much like the animal she actually was. The photo appears as though he’d accidentally captured a photo of a magical creature of some sort. “My favourite reactions have been from people who explain what they think they saw in the photo (e.g., a seal centaur).” 

Clark snatched the photo of the moose from a weird angle while the moose was grabbing a snack from above, which resulted in a photo of a mystical creature. “I grew up in Anchorage, and moose encounters here aren't uncommon, especially in the winter when they forage for scarce food. The moose in this picture was eating buds off of a birch tree.” Starbuck did not break eye contact with the huge deer, and definitely look as though she was struggling to figure out what her deal was. 

“My dog was big mad at what she probably thought was a large doggo. She growled but didn't bark.”

Apart from Starbuck’s strange reaction, Clark did however entertain the internet with he weird photo of the moose which looks like a new mystical creature.

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