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We all know the feeling of loosing someone you love. But we all also know that those we love will never truly leave us. Sweet pup named Lola is sure of it that her sister and best friend will forever live on in her heart since she passed away. 

Lola’s sister Lacy recently passed away,  but Lola and her family have found a special way to keep the pup's memory alive.

Lacy was 10 years old when she first met her beagle sister puppy Lola. At first, after being the only dog for so long, Lacy wasn’t too happy about the new arrival. However after some time together the two formed a much deeper bond and friendship. 

Alli Trent, Lola and Lacy’s mom explained that, “Lacy would growl at her, but Lola was always so, so patient with her. Lola was so obsessed with Lacy from the beginning. She watched her every move, followed her around, and anywhere Lacy would lay, Lola wanted to be right there with her.”

Four years later after meeting her best friend, Lacy’s health took a turn. Lola did not leave her sister alone through this hard time, and remained by Lacy’s side, comforting her in any way she could. “When Lacy’s health started declining, and she started coughing more often, Lola was always so concerned about her. Lola just always looked out for her. It was the sweetest thing to watch.”

Lola wasn’t present when Lacy passed away, but she did realise after some time that her sister and best friend is not coming home. 

“We put Lacy’s bed and her favourite toys up on a shelf at my parents' house. Lola went straight to them and tried to get to them, but then she just started walking around like she was looking for her.”

To have something to remember Lacy by, Trent bought a memorial gift with Lacy’s picture on it. Trent found a nice place on a shelf in the living room to put Lacy’s picture, and that is when it caught Lola’s eye.

“Lola was immediately interested. She just couldn’t stop looking at it and wagging her tail.”

It came as a surprise that Lola found that one thing interesting as Lola had never been interested in her home’s decor before. However, something was different about Lacy’s photo. Which makes her family think that Lola noticed that it is her sister. 

“Later that night, we were talking about Lacy, and I looked at Lola and said, ‘Do you miss Lacy? I do, too’. She looked at me and tilted her head, and I said, ‘Where is Lacy?’ Without hesitating, she sprinted over to the couch, jumped up on the arm … and put her nose straight to the picture wagging her tail like it was really her.”

“I think Lola knows that Lacy isn’t coming to the door anymore,” Trent said. “That picture is our Lacy now.”

Even through this hard times, Lola is still making sure to give all her love and support to her mom to help her get through it. “I was so worried about Lola, but knowing that Lola can still see her in the picture has truly brought me so much peace,” Trent said. “We are so lucky to have them for the time that we do, and to be loved by them unconditionally.”

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