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While waiting in the Starbuck drive-through line, Dana noticed a very excited dog hanging out of the window in the car in front of her.  She assumed that that the eager pup was probably waiting for the famous Puppacino.

The adorable dog, named BooBoo, appeared to be a regular customer as he knew what he was waiting for while he climbed into the driver’s seat to wait closer to the window. Dana then pulled out her phone and started recording because she thought it was so cute, which the rest of the world definitely agree with. 

After a while the super excited BooBoo couldn’t take the wait anymore and decided to take matters into his own hands. Before anyone really knew what was happening, adorable BooBoo climbed out his car window straight through the drive-through window.

Everyone in the Starbucks was yelling, both shocked and delighted at the sudden turn of events. Of course, BooBoo was returned to his car very quickly and was delighted to get his beloved Puppacino which was all he really wanted anyway.

Watch the cute video here on TikTok:


Clearly BooBoo’s motto is when they don’t bring the Puppacino to you, the you have to bring yourself to the puppacino instead.

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