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Drone photographer, Matt Woods, came upon something unexpected when he sent his drone up to look at the ocean. His discovery led to a life-saving moment.

Woods watched his Mavic 2 Zoom take off from his balcony on Australia's Bondi Beach and enjoyed the view as it made its way to the open waters. This is when Woods saw something he will never forget. 

With his eyes focused on his screen, he clearly saw a shark circling the waters. After closer inspection, he noticed that the large predator was swimming near a spearfisherman using his spear to keep the shark at bay.

The scene appeared menacing enough that Woods was immediately concerned. "The diver was fending the shark off and poking it with his spear gun. The shark then went after his float that is attached to the diver. He was charging it and trying to bite it, thrashing it about."

After calling the lifeguards to alert them of the situation in the waters, Woods still continued to monitor the diver and the predator. He says it appeared to be a mako shark. 

Still keeping an eye over the fisherman, he saw that the diver continued to fight with the shark. Woods kept look out over the situation to be able to give a precise location to authorities. After 30 minutes, the lifeguard jet ski was able to clear the shark from the area.

Even though Woods is only an amateur drone photographer, he saved a life. Soon after the situation was handled, Woods made his way to the beach in hopes of meeting the diver he'd just saved. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find him. Maybe after Woods has told his story, they would finally get the chance to meet.

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