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We know that kids change your life and that once you make the decision to have mini-me's, your whole lifestyle changes but they don't exactly tell you how. It can come as a big shock to young parents who are used to partying every weekend when suddenly your Saturday night is filled with Cinderella reruns. Mike Julianelle, 41, is a dad of two boys (ages 7 and 2), and the writer of the blog Dad and Buried, and he's here to show you just how drastically life changes.

A couple years ago, Julianelle started an Instagram account called Got Toddlered. Julianelle said, "The account was originally dedicated to the memes I made, which showed examples of things children have destroyed or irrevocably altered." But, after Julianelle posted this before and after photo of himself showing the effects of having kids, a reader suggested he ask other readers to do the same. He did, and the account went viral. He said: "Parenting is hard, but it’s not exactly rare. We don’t all do everything the same but we share a lot of the same experiences. We should focus on those instead of judging the differences."

Do you know someone who got toddlered? Let us know in the comments below.

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