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Famous Ozzy Man reviews!!!! Noone can fault this guy on his brilliant voice–over's whether it be about animals or drunk people, it's always hilarious.

In this particular case it involves some confused cows and a tortoise. After a few curious cows investigate the situation, they jump back in fear as the "rock with a neck and legs" begins to move. One cow even starts to preach it's conspiracy theories. Even Shirley the cow is headed off for safety. The disgruntled tortoise decides to snap back after a baby cow comes to nudge it around out of curiosity. After the baby cow practically jumps out of his skin after being bitten on the nose, the herd decides to take the emergency exit out the paddock.  

Although a seemingly strange scene to imagine, Ozzy Man just seems to have a way with words that tell a story no one else could imagine.

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