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Tattoos have been around for several decades and with new techniques and technology tattoos have evolved. One of the most recent new trending designs and technique is tattoos that appear as though have been embroidered onto the skin. 

When you consider how each of their images is created, you will realise how much embroidery and tattoo have in common. Just to look at how they are applied or created, both of them uses needles to form designs and require the respective artist to make deliberate linear marks every time they touch fabric or skin. 

And now what’s called embroidery tattoos are some of the most eye-catching ink which has sparked a new trend. The field of embroidery encompasses many approaches. When it comes to making images with thread, stitchers finds that they have a lot of choices from thread painting to freestyle. 

Embroidery tattoos feature two predominant methods that are inspired by the ancient practice naming cross stitch and crewel

Tattoo artist Eva Karabudak was the first person who made the cross stitch tattoo popular. Eva’s designs were formed by tiny “X” marks, while the crewel approach mimics the satin stitch on the skin. 

However, the satin stitch tattoos takes on the appearance of an embroidered patch or clothing where the “threads” appear to pop off the skin with the sheen reflecting off each individual fiber.

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